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Writer, author, web and graphic designer, video producer – I do it all. A somewhat introverted and quirky multipotentialite, I like to explore and do new things every day, which has made me quite the renaissance man when it comes to the knowledge and experience I can put to bear in both my writing and when I am focused on creating something for a client.

Sometimes, a person can do it all.

My Book

Beautifully Broken

14 Essays About Navigating Life with a Mental Illness

I’ve been writing and publishing on Medium for almost 4 years, and a few of my essays have stood out and accurately described my struggles and triumphs as a writer/husband/father/human trying to be a success despite having and suffering from a mental illness.

Here are 14 of the best.

“Any man who bears the ability of a polymath shall not be interfered by specialty, he needs discipline to manage his behaviors and nurture his creativity.”

– Shawn Lukas

Jason Weiland – Writer & Designer

About Me

I didn’t start out my career as either a writer or a designer – I flipped burgers. But, enough of that will have you questioning your life choices, and I decided to stop hiding my creative side and started publishing my writing online. That lead me to learn graphic and web design, and everything exploded from there. It has been a fun journey and I never looked back.

As I get older, even though I am constantly told this is a young person’s game, the future is looking brighter and more successful than at any other time in my life. I don’t even see retirement on the horizon, I am having too much fun to quit doing what I am doing now.


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Featured Essays on Medium

“I envy people who can pick one thing and stick with it. The only thing I ever did long enough to do well was writing, and it makes me hope I can finally settle down and stop jumping from one thing to another.” – MORE >>

“I can feel myself changing in ways I never expected. Sure when you make a drastic lifestyle change, you have to expect things probably won’t go according to the plan. Maybe, what happens is far better than you could have envisioned in the beginning.”  – MORE >>

“Let’s stop glorifying hustle and grind. Let’s stop killing ourselves — because the chances of us being a millionaire or billionaire are minimal, but we can make a decent living and have a simple life if we have a better attitude towards spending and our valuable time.” – MORE >>


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I haven’t only been focusing on my writing. I’ve been using my skills and experience to create websites and blogs for authors and writers to help expand their audience and sell more books.  Myself and a team of published authors, academic professors, web designers, graphic artists, illustrators, and editors who understand the business and craft of writing and publishing have started Weiland Press to provide support to authors in the industry.

Author Website – 2021

Author Mike Hancock

Bold and remarkable are the only words that could be used to describe the look and feel of this website/blog, created for Mike’s book “Fallen.”

Website – 2021

Weiland Press

We are a team of published authors, academic professors, web designers, graphic artists, illustrators, and editors who understand the business and craft, and will ensure your success as a budding writer.


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