About Jason Weiland

Jason Weiland

I created this website to work in tandem with my writing on Medium. I want to connect with other mental health advocates, writers, sufferers, warriors, and consumers and create community and relationships around the work we still need to do to crush stigma and misinformation.

On this blog, we will have honest personal essays and informative articles about mental health, mental illness, stigma, addiction, relationships, family, and recovery. You will find help, inspiration, and entertainment. You may be shocked. You may cringe. You may cry, and you may laugh.

I play a writer, mental health advocate, YouTuber, activist, and influencer. In real life, I suffer from poor mental health, but that’s not what’s important about me. I’m a husband, father, son, friend, and damn good human being. I’m honest to the point of over-sharing and not easily embarrassed. I feel; like we need to share both the good and the ugly, so people will understand that living with mental illness is terrible, but at times can be rewarding.

Go straight to the home page and start reading or check out some of my work on Medium. Stick around and leave a comment or two. Be part of the community I am trying to create here and show your support.

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