Your Business Blogging Strategy Should Be (Not) to Bore Your Customers

Writing stellar content to attract hungry buyers to your product or service is too great an opportunity to pass up. If you aren’t going all-in on business blogging, you are entirely missing the bus.

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You may think if you write blog posts for businesses, you have to be boring, vanilla, and boilerplate. It’s just not true! We read advice from “experts” that are trying to teach us how to use blogging to market on the internet. After a few hours, you want to jam a sharpened №2 pencil in your brain! No wonder people are walking around in a stupor, staring at their phones in a watery-eyed gaze of death.

Maybe ten years ago, everyone was creating yawn-worthy business content, but not anymore! Have a look at LinkedIn and tell me what you see? Gary Vaynerchuk is dropping f-bombs! Business leaders are talking about mental illness in the workplace. Everywhere we look, we see fantastic content!

Slideshows, video, podcasts! Oh my!

Should we use some of this creative energy to create more entertaining blog posts for our businesses? Should we still care about blogging in 2020?

Why Every Business Should be Blogging

Content marketing is using excellent content to put people “in the mood” to buy without using a hard-sell. Not enough businesses are using content as an alternative to traditional ads and other marketing tactics.

One of the best ways to use content marketing is blogging.

Seriously. Writing stellar content to attract hungry buyers to your product or service is too great an opportunity to pass up. If you aren’t going all-in on business blogging, you are entirely missing the bus.

You have three choices:

  • Spend the time and effort in learning how to
    write great content yourself. Then you create stupendous articles and posts on your blog and build a massive base of fans.
  • Hire someone else who can learn about your business and create remarkable content (perhaps on Fiverr?).
  • Ignore business blogging and get the same lackluster sales you always get. You’ll have to close your business because you were too afraid to commit to the one thing that could have saved you!

Okay. I was a bit salty with that last one, but you get the message.

Writing Business Content Yourself

Do you love to write?

Notice I didn’t ask if you were a good writer. Being “good” is not necessary because most intelligent people can learn to be a fabulous writer. You just have to be willing to practice.

Do you know how great writers become great? They love to write and write something every day! When they started, they were probably terrible, but they kept writing.

Like anyone who is trying to be a professional, they study the best web writers out there daily. They consider people like Brian Clark of CopyBlogger or Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger.

If you write all the time, you will get better. And, don’t write and hide the file on your hard drive. Put it out there for people to see! Show the world you are serious. Have confidence in yourself! A writer with a lot of confidence is always better than one too timid and scared to own what they write.

Most people don’t expect you to be Stephen King right off the bat. Do your best and improve every day.

Get Someone Else to Write Your Content

There are a lot of great writers and content marketing professionals out there looking for work (have you thought of looking on You are bound to find one that fits your needs if you look hard enough. I know of at least a thousand on Medium and LinkedIn. If you need an introduction, ask!

Many of the hardest-working and brilliant writers are very busy. But if you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, most will be more than ready to help you.

Be careful of some of the sleazier internet content farms as the barrier to entry for writers is very low. You won’t be happy with the result. Remember, you are creating killer content. You aren’t writing the boring, plagiarized crap that filled the internet years ago. You may get 800 words for $20, but you’ll be better off letting a monkey hammer on your keyboard for an hour!

You have to pay for quality! Call it an investment, because it will earn far more than you spend in the long run.

Sorry, You Missed the Business Blogging Boat

Marketing with content is not a new thing I made up.

Blogging isn’t anything new. A lot of intelligent business people have made it the most significant part of their business. You have to expect the same old advertising strategies would get an upgrade, with all the new technology these days.

Many businesses try to make money the old-fashioned way. That is by filling their websites with Google ads and garish banners. Business people still cling to the notion that anyone cares enough to click their links, except by accident.

Internet users are savvy. They know if you don’t provide them with the answers they seek, your competitor will. Your customers will shift their allegiance without warning. Word will get out that you don’t have their interest in your mind. Soon all you will have for customers is crickets.

It’s brutal, but it’s the truth.

Whatever Path You Choose, Do Not Be Boring!

Either you or another writer has to write your content. It is entirely up to you. I am going to assume you didn’t pick the third choice of not doing anything if you’ve read this far.

Make sure that the content is well-crafted and holds attention. There are many ways you can ensure you don’t bore your readers to tears. Try one or all these strategies from Miranda Hill’s post, “8 Ways to Make Old and Boring Topics Feel New and Exciting Again” on

  • Turn concepts into characters
  • Make readers choose a side
  • Make them laugh
  • Use data
  • Show some attitude!
  • Use a mismatched tone
  • Predict the future
  • Use visuals

(NOTE: I expect you will need to read the article to understand some of these. I don’t make money referring you there; it’s a professional courtesy to Miranda that I direct you to her fantastic post.)

Using these writing tactics will ensure your content isn’t stuffy. You should be entertaining your readers while giving them the information they came for in the first place. If given a choice to go back and read an article on a website that entertained them, or one that made them want to take a nap with their head resting on a desk, which would they choose? 

I know the answer. Do you?

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