How to Make Money Blogging (Not a Hack or Secret)

I've looked at the real stories from successful bloggers and narrowed down the one secret – that will help anyone build a money-making blog.

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I can’t begin to tell you how many “10 Secrets to Making 10K in Your First Month of Blogging” posts I’ve seen and read in the past year. There are so many misleading “make money blogging” stories out there.

Some of the high earners’ stories are true, like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, or the story of Alex & Lauren from Six-Figure Blogger. But I’ve heard a disturbing trend where a few bloggers are lying about how much money they make to get clicks to their websites! Or worse, they deceive, so you will buy their courses on how to make money blogging.

Yes, I know – this shouldn’t surprise me, but it does because I always like to think the best of people. I guess I am naive like that. But, not everyone gives away the best information for free.

Let’s just cut through all the bull! I’ve looked at my own experience and the real stories I have read from successful bloggers and narrowed down the one thing – the one secret –that will help anyone build a wildly successful and money-making blog.

The Secret to Making Money Blogging is Not What You Think

You may think I have some unique money hack or a Pinterest method that will explode your monthly traffic, but I don’t. I wouldn’t even presume to try to trick you into thinking I had all the answers.

Nobody does!

The only proven secret to building a 10K a month blog is that there is NO SECRET. That’s the secret.

Don’t let anyone fool you – there are a million different variables that will make or break a blog. Yes, there are some things you should absolutely do, like going all-in on Pinterest, but it is a combination of many different things that go into the whole. Trying to pinpoint the secret or hacks that make a successful blog is like nailing Jello to the floor.

Everybody’s journey will be different. The only thing that is the same for everyone is you must put in the hard work. I know all of these “million-dollar bloggers” will tell you the same thing: building their blog to that earning level was an extreme amount of work.

Everyone must start at zero and hustle to get anywhere in this business of blogging.

Don’t Go Away Mad – You Can Still Make Money Blogging! 

Now you might be upset, thinking I tricked you, but bear with me for a moment. I didn’t write this clickbaity-type headline because I wanted to get 100,000 page views on this post.

I am writing it because I think all you new, fresh-faced bloggers are in danger, and I needed to get your attention.

You are in danger of wasting a lot of time and effort if you keep thinking you can make money by using hacks. You can’t hack your way to riches! You have to be in it for the long haul, and you must be willing to work harder than you ever worked in your life.

I am just like you. I love to read the success stories and the 10K months and dream it will be me. I spend a good part of my day keeping up with awesome blogs that make a lot of money.

The other thing I do is write on The funny thing is: because you can get paid to write on the platform, there are tons of people who try to convince everyone else that they have the hacks and secrets that will make a successful writer on Medium. And they want everyone to sign up for their mailing list and buy their $2k course before they do anything else!

If anyone tells you they know the hacks to be a successful blogger or a wealthy writer on Medium, they are full of bullshit.

The journey will be different for everyone!

Would You Like Some Solid Advice About Blogging?

This post isn’t long.

I only had a few points I wanted to make. But I still would like to give you a little more advice if you are new to blogging, and you want to be successful, whatever your definition of the word “success” is right now.

Do this:

  • Create a few realistic goals
  • Prepare yourself to work hard and smart
  • Schedule your time, especially if this is a
  • Don’t get discouraged
  • Don’t quit – be patient
  • Improve your writing skills a little every day
  • Learn as much as you can about the business of
    blogging and writing
  • Be flexible and adapt to challenging situations
  • Keep going until you make money. Don’t stop
    until you do

No tricks. No secrets. No hacks.

Motivate yourself to do whatever it takes to meet your goals. Learn and grow. Keep doing what you have to do when you must do it.

I know it’s not what you want to hear about making money blogging. It’s not sexy. It’s not the easy way.

There is no easy way.

That is what you need to hear.

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